Are you leveraging flow to impact learning in your organization?

Imagine a group of your “Early in Career” learners sitting around tables mashing strawberries and bananas inside sandwich bags and then extracting the fruit’s DNA using beakers, syringes, droppers and test tubes.

Michael Cummo / Hearst Connecticut Media

Photo: Michael Cummo / Hearst Connecticut Media

For the young students in this article, it was an experience they will never forget.  So immersed in the hands-on experiment, they are learning with their whole body engaged.  And it didn’t end with the experiment.  The students tallied and graphed their results.  As described in the article, they’re not teaching it from a worksheet, but rather thinking about it from a natural point of inquiry.  They are leveraging ‘flow’ into their programs for optimal impact.

So what DNA can you extract in your learning programs?  What can you learn from these Science Stars?  How can you leverage flow to immerse your learners in experiences that will result in optimal impact?  Hands on learning – recording – reporting –

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Read the full article here:  SoundWaters gets girls interested in science.


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